Best dog clippers for poodles

Fashion is not generally associated with dogs, but that doesn’t stand true in the case of a Poodle. These adorable dogs easily top the ‘Most appealing’ canine list without even wagging the tail. Although associated with fashion and good looks, the traditional Poodle was originally bred to be water retrievers. In fact the name ‘Poodle’ is a wordplay on ‘Puddle’

The Poodle cut was more a necessity than a fashion statement, less hair would make the Poodle an efficient swimmer so that they could do their job productively, which was originally to catch fishes and birds, but cutting off the hair would leave the poor canine shivering. To overcome this dilemma, Poodle owners placed a puff of hair around the joints, upper torso and other vital organs. Quite unknowingly this had set a fashion trend in motion.

Poodles are similar to humans in a way no other dogs are. How? The answer is both humans and Poodles have hair. That’s right, Poodles have hair and not fur. Fur grows to a certain point and then falls off; commonly referred to as shedding. The hair on the other hand will not stop growing. Another similarity is that both human hair and Poodle hair respond to hormonal changes. Infant female Poodles even experience hair thinning after giving birth. This definitely sets Poodles apart from any other canine.

Even though we share common traits with this intelligent cuddly friend, they are simply not the number one choice for aspiring owners, the reason being that a whole lot of time will have to be invested to keep that luscious coat free of dirt, tangles and knots.

Neglecting grooming will result in taking your beloved pet to the vet to treat skin infections. Grooming a Poodle contributes to its health as well as looks. If you own a Poodle make sure to give it regular baths and brush its coat on a regular basis.

There are many different styles that an owner can choose from. Consult a professional groomer on which cuts would best suit your dog. If you prefer to do it but yourself you would not only build a good rapport with your pet but will also be able to save quite a lot of money in the long run. Investing in a good pair of clippers and scissors is crucial. There are good brands in the market some of them are:-

Wahl Arco – This clipper has several blades which makes it easier to clip through different areas of the dog. It comes with a 5 in 1 blade. It is cordless which makes it easy to carry around and is relatively easy to maintain. This clipper is particularly useful for owners who have smaller Poodles or crosses.

Andis Pro Clip -This clipper is durable and can be used for a long time. It glides through thick hair and so can also be used for larger Poodles. One drawback is that it heats up quickly, so you will have to rest it frequently.

Outer Turbo – This comes in two speeds and effortlessly cuts through thick hair. Even though it is heavy it is cheaper than Andis . Additional blades will have to purchase

Grooming a Poodle is not just about our purchasing the best clipper in the market, it’s about the special bond you share with your dog. Your dog must trust you completely before you can start the grooming process. Get your dog accustomed to the tools by letting it sniff the clippers. Verbally praise your pet and be sure to give your canine friend plenty of treats so your dog associates the grooming process as a positive experience.