Caring for Your Furry Friend: How to Pick the Best Local Pet Store

As of 2017, over 44% of households in the UK own a domestic animal. Unfortunately, many of these caring, compassionate pet parents struggle with the integral task of finding a trustworthy local pet shop.

So if you’ve been unable to find a dependable, cost-effective supplier in your vicinity, this brief article will detail the ins and outs of the best-rated pet shops in Birmingham – so feel free to use this as an introductory guide of sorts.

Family Owned and Operated

First things first, it’s important to note that the most renowned pet stores are able to tout the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Upwards of 40 years of industry experience
  • Privately and independently operated
  • Family-owned (not part of a large-scale conglomerate)
  • Multiple physical locations
  • Intuitive web-based ordering platform

Highly Trained In-House Experts

Independent pet supply retailers also pride themselves on maintaining a robust customer service staff that can cater to all of your questions, comments, and concerns on a year-round basis.

These friendly specialists are trained and qualified in animal welfare, pet store management, and personalised guidance, which is why your local pet shop represents an essential resource in today’s day and age. With their advice and assistance, you’ll be able to mitigate costly visits to the veterinarian and truly provide top-notch care for all of your furry companions.

Wide Range of Contemporary Products

Last but not least, you’ll have to make sure your pet shop of choice can serve as an affordable one-stop-shop for all of your needs, no matter how nuanced they might be. Some of those needs might include the following:

  • Bird care
  • Canine supplies
  • Feline provisions
  • Critter care
  • Reptile necessities
  • Fish and pond supplies
  • Poultry goods

Simply by visiting the website of a particular supplier and cross-referencing their aptitudes with this checklist, you’ll be able to establish a life-long partnership with a dependable pet shop in your vicinity, so get started on your research as soon as possible!