Dog Care Solutions for the Working Family

If you are a career person and have a dog as part of the family, leaving him alone all day is not really an option, unless, of course, you like coming home to chewed slippers and torn furniture. You can’t really leave your four-legged friend indoors all day, and most dogs will find a way out of the garden, no matter how good your fencing is, so what is the best solution?

Day Care for Dogs

With affordable quality dog day care in Cookham and other parts of the UK, you have a win-win situation, as your pet will socialise with other dogs and be cared for during the day when you are at work. Your dog will love to be in a caring environment and you know he is safe and with caring staff, your pet will really enjoy his outings. Some of the services offered include:

  • Daycare
  • Walks in the country
  • Dog training facilities

The staff are living their dream life by interacting with the dogs on a daily basis, and much like a child day care centre, the staff want to know all about your pet, in order to provide the very best care.

Flexible and Affordable

The dog day care centre is fully equipped to provide your dog with everything he needs during his stay, and regardless of your work commitments, your dog will always have a loving environment with caring people who love nothing more than caring for canines. Personal relationships are formed, and don’t be surprised if your dog seems unhappy at the weekends, as he has many friends at the day care facility.