Haachy – The smart way to bring your lost pets home faster

The last thing a pet owner ever wants is to experience the pain of losing their dog or cat. Most pet owners consider their dog or cat as their furbaby and it is as traumatic to them as losing a child. They could easily become distraught and find it hard to live day to day until they are reunited with their lost dog or cat. If you live in Canada and especially in the province of Ontario, you happen to live near a company that makes it easier to reunite lost pets with their owners. The company is called the Manakn Corporation which is located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and their amazing software is called Haachy.


What is Haachy?

There was a time when the best way to find a lost dog or cat was to post lost posters all over town in hopes that someone in your community would have seen them running loose and call the number on the sign. Today, we have technology on our side which means that you’ll be able to reach a larger audience thanks to Haachy. Haachy is a system powered by Artificial Intelligence that utilizes deep learning techniques. Haachy uses pictures of your pet to supercharge your pet search capabilities. The unique design of the tool allows instant database searches from animal shelters and scour social media sites to help the user find their pet faster than what is possible today. The user interface is simple and makes it easy for pet-parents who have lost their pet to simultaneously post notices to social media sites, city animal shelters, and other places in order to get the word out quickly in hopes to find their lost pet faster. The best part is – Haachy’s state-of-the-art algorithm utilizes the images and uniquely identifies your pet amongst thousands of others that get reported online or end up at the animal shelters!

What makes Haachy different?

  • Unique Pet Identification technology
  • Community engagement
  • Connect to animal shelters and NGOs easily
  • Simplify the search process

Haachy is the perfect tool for anyone who has recently lost their family dog, cat or any other pet for that matter and get them back as quickly as possible. To see more for yourself and to find out how you can use it, please click here www.haachy.ca