How to Minimize Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Much like the way that human skin is protected by hair, a dog’s skin also is protected; the only difference being more hair. While shedding dog hair can leave behind a huge hairy mess that takes additional time to clean up dogs tend to shed hair according to temperature and season alike.

However, there are easy ways of at least reducing the amount of unwanted dog hair that is left behind. Some of those are given below.

Man’s best friend also has indicators when they are healthy and unhealthy. One such evidential proof lies in the coat’s appearance (color and shine. Dry skin for dogs may not only mean that their diet is considered unhealthy but that a change to a diet that contains more moisture and fatty food then what they are currently eating. There are also oil supplements found in dog food that aid in moisturizing the skin.

Another way in which excessive shedding of dog hair can be reduced is by brushing your dog’s fur on a regular basis. Although this can be every day the main idea here is to not only brush out all loose hair left in your dog’s fur but it can also aid in the prevention of built-up bacteria and matted hair that may exist throughout the fur. Dog’s with longer hair typically need daily brushing.

Bath Time
Although this task can prove to be a daunting tiresome task your dog will not shed as much when bathed the minimum of once per month, twice at most. Bathing a dog anymore will definitely increase the risk of dry skin. Additionally, it is advised to use a shampoo that is made only for dogs as using any other type of shampoo will also cause dry skin for dogs. Happy bathing!

Intended more for dogs who typically shed on a seasonal basis (long haired dogs), there is more than one benefit to enjoying the great outdoors when the cold months of winter changes to the warm days of spring. While this presents a great opportunity for your dog to get additional exercise it’s also an excellent solution to keep the vast amount of produced shedding to the outdoors thus keeping a cleaner home.

Fleeing Allergens
It is not an uncommon for dogs to be attacked by various allergens nor by flees. When this happens a veterinarian may need to be called however if the issue(s) are minimal there are some things that can be done in an effort to reduce allergens attacking your dog. For starters, simply keeping the carpet and fllors vacuumed can reduce the amount of left behind dog hair and will omit the problem of it getting engrained deep in the carpet fibers. Additionally, keeping the home limited on the dust front will limit lurking allergens. Finally, quick ways to clean up loose hair is to either use an inflated balloon or use a fabric softner sheet to clean up loose hair around the baseboards.

In conclusion, although the above stated may already be known these presented ways to reduce the amount of excessively shredded dog hair are quick solutions that are proven to help. You can always use a dog bed so that you can collect all the hair from one place. Orthopedic dog beds are best among all the dog bed types and you can check out some of the best ones that are listed here.
While there is no way to officially eliminate the shedding of dog hair following these ideas are sure to work and keep you and your dog happy!