How to Prepare Your House for Home Euthanasia

Home euthanasia is becoming a popular option for many dog owners. Many feel that they would rather their four-legged family members be put to rest in a comfortable and relaxed place, avoiding the stress and anxiety that often occurs when visiting a vet office.

However, there are some steps which need to be taken to prepare your house for home euthanasia. If you are one of the many loving dog owners who is thinking of this peaceful alternative, then please consider the points listed below;

Ask your vet for a list of recommended materials

To perform an at-home euthanasia there are many materials such as plastic sheets, warm washcloths, and blankets that a vet may recommend having on hand. If you are booking a home euthanasia appointment, make sure to ask your vet what preparations are necessary to avoid last minute stress and complications.

Choose a place where your animal is most comfortable

When planning home euthanasia, it is important to keep your pet as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Try choosing a location where they feel at ease such as their doggie bed and try not to change his surrounding too much. Sudden change or rearranging could cause unnecessary anxiety or fear.

Open the windows and let the sun and fresh air into your home

There is nothing as calming and relaxing as fresh air. Your dog will appreciate the gesture and will spend their last minutes enjoying the many smells and sensations traveling through the open air.

Prepare favorite treats, fresh water, and snacks

When preparing for your pet’s home euthanasia consider preparing some of their favorite treats or snacks. However, it is important not to use these goodies as bait or to trick your pet into cooperating with the vet.

Write a list of family and friends phone numbers, you’re going to need support

Rather than searching for the numbers while grieving, prepare a list of phone numbers before booking your appointment. This way you can rally all the support and comfort you need easily and as quickly as possible.

Gather family’s last goodbyes

If you have a family who is aware but not present for your home euthanasia make sure to have their last goodbyes written down so that you may read them to your pet. This is especially important for children who though too young to witness the euthanasia will need closure and the satisfaction of a personal good-bye.