Train Cat to Use Toilet Seat

Having pets is really one of the best that could ever occur in your life. Especially when it comes to the cat, people just adore this loving creature that they are even ready to pay thousands of dollars to purchase a pure breed sphinx cat. There are several breeds of cats in this world and each one comes with their own price tag. Purchasing a cat is not a big deal, but actually taking care of this creature and training is the real job to be done by yourself.

The main problem that any of the cat owners faces is the toilet training because no one would like to see cat waste everywhere inside or even in their yard. So Cat Toilet Training is really necessary to save yourself from picking up cat waste around the house.


Now there are several benefits to train your cat to use the toilet as it comes with several benefits for you. First of all, you need not keep filling and throwing sand from the litter box, then secondly you need not worry about the germs caused by the litter box.

Now the toughest task is to train your cat to start using the toilet. So for that purpose, you need to put the litter box near to the toilet that your cat is going to use, as this way you cat will get familiar with this place, and knows the place in the house.

Initial Steps

Then the first step of the training is to prepare the toilet seat for your cat, and for this purpose, you can either use an Aluminium pan or Cat Litter Kit which is an advanced toilet seat kit for your cat. This kit also comes with a flushable litter option which comes with ease for you. Then there is something about the cat using a toilet that you have to be careful about.

First of all, if your cat is less than a year old, then it will not be suitable for her to use the toilet seat. Then if she is facing some joints problem then it is another reason not to train your cat to use the toilet. If you want your pet to use the toilet, then you have to make sure that she is a fully grown adult and she is all healthy.

Final Steps

And if this assured that your cat is completely ready for the toilet seat, the next step will be to raise the level of the litter box. It can be done just by using cardboard and scotch tape, and some more sand. Every week you have to increase the level to some inched until it reaches the exact level of the toilet seat.

Now move a bit further, and put the simple litter dish over the toilet seat. Then dump the litter inside toilet seat, and with every passing time trying to remove the litter tray, and instead place prepared litter dish on the toilet seat with a flushable litter option. Once your cat gets used to it then there is no need for the dish, and your cat will be all set to use the toilet seat now.