Tropical Fish Tank- Maintaining and Taking Care of Them

Much like us human, where we need an environment where we can live healthily so that we do not fall sick or contract diseases, the same can be said for your tropical fishes! Make sure you have a good understanding of how to maintain your fish tank to ensure your fish’s well-being and health! Although you do not need to do it every week, you must at least make it a point to maintain the tank twice a month to ensure its cleanliness.


Thus, this article will address the few things you need to take care of your fish tank.


Air Filter


The air filters in your fish tank function differently from your air pump, while an air pump’s job is to send water through air filters, the filter itself is to help clean any waste and debris of your fish’s waste inside the water. Generally, the size of your tank will determine if you need to clean it regularly, as the larger the fish tank is the less likely you’ll need to clean it often. This is because, with more space, there is more room for various bacteria to grow, and when they do grow they will kill each other off, some of your pet fishes even harp on these bacteria to keep their presence in check.


As per previously mentioned, you only need to clean your fish tank twice a month, to make sure it’s in a healthy and livable condition for your fish. There are some who suggests that once a month should actually be more than enough, why is that?


This is because by maintaining the bacterial growth at the bottom of your aquarium is useful for degrading the fish waste, as well as any food waste. This natural cycle can help break down the waste in it’s most natural form, thus cleaning them too often will alter it’s function as well as altering your fish’s habitat often.


That being said, there is no harm in cleaning your fish tank if it gets out of hand and too murky, as the main reason why some of us rare tropical fishes are to enjoy the spectacular view, and thus a dirty aquarium will definitely not be the best sight!