What Is Better To Feed A Puppy With, Bread Or Dog Biscuits?

There really is no such a word as “best” in connection with the feeding of a puppy. There are excellent puppy meals and biscuits on which the puppy will thrive just as well as on bread. On the other hand, wholemeal bread takes a lot to beat it in its natural form.

White bread must never be fed to puppies as it is made from aged flour and is said to cause hysteria in dogs. Stale bread is better than new bread, and oven-toasted bread is best of all. The bread can be fed with a little butter on it or soaked in milk or gravy. It is bread or biscuits that give bulk to the puppy’s meals, and it should be part of every puppy’s diet.

Remember, if you feed a puppy biscuits or puppy meal, they must be soaked in boiling water first. Never give meal dry; it will swell inside the puppy’s tummy and distend it, and may make the puppy ill. Four slices of brown bread are most adequate for the evening meal of most medium-sized dogs. One thinnish slice is enough for a small dog.